2016 Youth Contest Winners

 Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 Youth Philanthropy Contest!


Alzheimer’s Activity Mats – Cuming County 4-H (Lauren Jacobsen, Cole Jacobsen, Kayla Svoboda, Jessica Svoboda) – The Alzheimer’s Activity Mats are designed to safely stimulate and sooth people as well as provide an opportunity to exercise hands and fingers.

Bedtime Blanket, Book and Prayer Project

Bedtime Blanket, Book & Prayer Project – Bethany Raabe – The Bedtime Book, Blanket & Prayer Project is a healing package that supports toddlers and youth up to age 7 during their hospital stay.

Birthday in a Box

Birthday in a Box – JAM Clubs (Pictured: JJ Ries, Easton Hardy, Leiah Hardy, Joshua Spray, Brielle Carmichael, Tanner Hardy, and Isabella Neemeyer) – Birthday in a Box is helping parents in shelters and temporary housing provide a birthday party for their child.

Go-To Bag

“Go-To” Bag – Norfolk Catholic 3rd Grade Class and Sonshine Preschool – (Pictured: Elizabeth Jimenez, Brynnly Wolf and Staci Anderson) Go to Bag will provide children who come with their mothers to the Bright Horizon center with a care package “go to bag” to help ease their transition into their new environment and comfort them.

Helpful Hygiene Hut

Helpful Hygiene Hut – Nebraska Lutheran Campus Ministry Norfolk (Pictured: Kady Tonvold, Cassi Lambrecht, and Brae Stone. Not Pictured: Amanda Aldaba, Justin Murphy, McKenzie Tonniges, Haleigh Shuck, and Timothy Corrado) – The Helpful Hygiene Hut will provide college students & college-aged people with basic hygiene products to assist with everyday needs and promote cleanliness and healthy living.

Helping Paws

Helping Paws – Sarai Negrete and Tania Romero – Helping Paws will assist the Animal Shelter in providing homes for non-domesticated cats.

Lids for Kids

Lids for Kids – Hailey Hurlbert – Lids for Kids is a project that will provide preemies and critically ill children crotcheted hats.

Sacks for Seniors

Sacks for Seniors – Caroline Cadden – Sacks for Seniors will purchase snap on bins that nursing home residents can use for their wheelchairs or walkers to put their personal items in when they are walking or rolling through the nursing home.

Stars and Stripes Planting Project

Stars & Stripes Planting Project – Aivianai Luna, Lily Yosten, and Pareena Ponniah – Stars and Stripes Planting Project wants to transform old gardens into beautiful gardens that the veterans would love to admire while sitting outside on a great day.

Wheelchair Swing

Wheelchair Swing – Carli Canham – The Wheelchair Swing project will build a swing that will be installed at Westside Elementary School for the students in wheelchairs to swing with their friends and teachers.

2016 Community Funded Projects

Congratulations to all our contest participants!  Thanks to the generosity of the attendees of the Celebrate Giving banquet all of the submitted projects received funding!  Thank you to our community for believing in and supporting our youth and their creative, charitable ideas to make a difference!

Bags of Hope – Jordan Howell – Bags of Hope is assembling bags of items that will help a child who is being placed in a Foster Home.

Bright Blessings – The Blessing Squad – Bright Blessings will brighten up a child’s day by giving them a bag of blessings when they move into Bright Horizons.

Cupcakes and Candles – Jefferson Elementary, Mrs. Wolff’s 3rd Grade Class – Cupcakes and Candles is a Birthday in a Box that will help 100 children.

Help for the Homeless – Natalia DeLancey – Help for the Homeless will make care kits for homeless people in the shelter.

Jammies and Juice – Jefferson Elementary, Mrs. Beltz’s 3rd Grade Class – Jammies, juice, coloring books, and colors will help 100 children.

Not All Wounds are Visible – Jacey Kant and Kylie Morse – Not All Wounds are Visible will go to schools raising awareness for one of the biggest problems high school students face: mental illness.

Magical Moments Prom Dress Giveaway – Madeline Cadden – Magical Moments will collect gently used formal dresses, shoes, purses, etc to give away to high school girls in Northeast NE who cannot afford to purchase a prom dress.

Purse Power – Grant Elementary 3rd and 4th Grade students – With ‘Purse Power’ students will be collecting gently used purses to fill with necessary toiletries for displaced women at Bright Horizons.

Random Acts of Kindness – Raegan DeLancey – Random Acts of Kindness will complete 1000 random acts of kindness to unknown people to encourage them to do random acts of kindness for others too.

Rescue Mission Care Kits for Kids – Tessa Gall, Grace Reedy, and Paige Thompson – Rescue Mission Care Kits for Kids will help kids at the Rescue Mission have things to do and eat to brighten their day.

Senior Spotlight – Lyons-Decatur Senior Class – The Senior Spotlight will celebrate and raise the voices of youth and elders in Lyons and Decatur through a portrait and story project, and use digital technology to make a Senior Spotlight project.

Sunshine Activity Bags – Battle Creek Elementary Student Council – The Battle Creek Elementary Student Council is making Sunshine Activity bags which are filled with a variety of activities for children to play with while in Faith Regional Health Services

Supplies for Success – Student Education Association of Nebraska – Supplies for Success will provide teachers and students with the supplies they need to succeed.

The Meadows Senior Gala – RAOK Junior Optimist Club – The Meadows Senior Gala will host an event for the residents at the Meadows to get out of their rooms, play games, and have fun.

The Joy of Reading – 4-Corners 4-H Club – The Joy of Reading project will buy books to donate to Heritage of Bel Air Skilled Care Facility. The 4H Club will read to/with the residents at the nursing home.

Tote-ally 4 Kids – Amanda Brasch and Ashley Sanne – Tote-ally 4 Kids will fill totes for kids at the Norfolk Rescue Mission with a blanket, pillow, toiletries, books, puzzles and toys.

Young Hearts Wise Minds – Amie Colligan and Sydney Owen – For our project we will go to 3 nursing homes and teach 10-15 residents at each nursing home how to make pinch pots out of clay while using hand therapy techniques.