Birthday in a Box – JAM Clubs

This group of 75 kids from the First Christian Church put together packages so that families living in shelters or temporary housing could still celebrate a child’s birthday.  They received some donations to their project so were able to create 25 “Birthdays in a Box” instead of the planned 20.  The Birthday Boxes were delivered to Bright Horizons, who will share them with families.  When asked what they learned in doing this project, project leader Kristi Carmichael said, “They were all so excited about the project and took it very seriously.  It was great to see them give back with such excitement and passion. They were all smiles when they carried the boxes in to Bright Horizons.”birthday-in-a-box-2 birthday-in-a-box-3 birthday-in-a-box-4 birthday-in-a-box-5 birthday-in-a-box-6 birthday-in-a-box-2-2