Cupcakes and Candles – Mrs. Wolff’s 3rd Grade Class

Mrs. Wolff’s 3rd Grade Class at Jefferson Elementary School in Norfolk helped 100 children to be able to celebrate their birthdays with this special project.  Students packed up birthday kits with decorations, cake mix, pajamas, and other fun treats and delivered them to Bright Horizons, the Norfolk Rescue Mission, and the Child Advocacy Center.  When asked what they learned through this project, the students said:

  • “Every kid should be celebrated, especially on their birthday.”
  • “I feel good inside.”
  • “Giving helps.”
  • “It is important to give to others.”
  • “I wish I could see their when they open the box.”
  • “I want people to be happy just for one day.”
  • “Sharing makes me proud.”
  • “I feel proud.”
  • “I learned the meaning and feeling of philanthropy.”
  • “Always help one another.”

Mrs. Wolff, who has been involved in the Youth Philanthropy Contest each year, said, “I just love how our community comes together to make our projects happen.  Norfolk has so many organizations willing to help and are very appreciative of any donations.  Philanthropy has not only became a spelling word in my classroom but part of my curriculum!”

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