Rescue Mission Care Kits for Kids – Tessa Gall, Grace Reedy, and Paige Thompson

This group of young ladies put together 63 backpacks for children ages 3 and up that are staying at the Norfolk Rescue Mission.  The backpacks contain toys, school supplies, snacks, and activities.  Tessa, Grace, and Paige wanted to give kids comfort and hope and let them know they are not alone when they arrive at the Rescue Mission.  They said that they learned a lot during this project, including, “We learned that it feels good to give to others without any recognition for it.  We learned to focus on others and not ourselves.  We learned there are a lot of needs in our community and that we can be a part of helping with those needs.  We learned to work together as a team.  We learned how to say on a budget and to use the money wisely that was given to us.”Rescue Mission Care Kits 4 Rescue Mission Care Kits 3 Rescue Mission Care Kits 1