2012 Youth Contest Winners

Congratulations to the 2012 winners!

  • Lauren Jacobsen – Patriotic Bags
    • Lauren will be making bags for the Norfolk Veterans’ Home so that veterans will be able to attach personal items to their walkers and wheelchairs.
    • Mentor: Norfolk Noon Rotary
    • August 2012 Update: Lauren has created 125 patriotic bags and delivered them to the Norfolk Veterans’ Home.
  • Little Dragons After School Program – Inter-generational iPad Learning
    • This group will be using iPads to enhance their learning experiences with seniors at the Countryside Home in Madison.
    • Mentor: Norfolk Morning Optimists
    • April 2012 Update: The Morning Optimists presented the Little Dragons After School Program with their check and they had a celebration with the residents of Countryside Home.


  • Paige Orwig – Diabetic Support Group
    • Paige will be starting a support group for young people with diabetes in the Norfolk community.
    • Mentor: Norfolk Noon Kiwanis
    • April 2012 Update: Paige started her support group for youth with diabetes with an event on April 2nd.


  • Positive Painters – Art Auction
    • Using their talents to create works of art, this group will be donating the proceeds of the sale of these items to local charities.
    • Mentor: Norfolk Arts Center
    • May 2012 Update: The art auction was held on April 28th and raised more than $2,000. The charity selected to receive the donation was Bright Horizons.


  • Carney Family – Share the Harvest
    • The Carney Family will be growing produce in a community garden and donating their harvest to families in need.
    • Mentor: Norfolk Noon Optimists
    • Fall 2012 Update: The Carney Family planted their gardens and identified four families that received the harvested produce.


  • Westside Kids Club – T-shirt Totebags
    • This groups will be making bags from recycled T-shirts, filling them with toiletries and giving them to Bright Horizons.
    • Mentor: Bright Horizons
    • July 2012 Update: The bags have been made, filled and delivered to Bright Horizons.



  • Impact – Senior Prom
    • In order to show how they respect and treasure their elders, this group will be hosting a prom for senior citizens in the Norfolk area.
    • Mentor: Norfolk Senior Center
    • June 2012 Update: The Senior Prom was held on June 22nd at the Norfolk Senior Center.  More than 100 people attended this fun event that featured dancing, live music, door prizes and lots of food.


  • Kaelee Stuchlik – Pierce Veterans’ Memorial
    • Kaelee will be honoring the veterans of Pierce County by creating a memorial listing and hosting a dinner for military personnel and their families.
    • Mentor: Norfolk Area Community Foundation Fund
    • August 2012 Update: Kaelee hosted an Open House for the veterans of Pierce County and their families.  She also installed a plaque that will be on permanent display at Gilman City Park in Pierce that recognizes all past and present military personnel for their service.

View the complete awards program details, event sponsors and list of those who submitted projects.

 View all the photos taken at the awards program.


Community Funded Projects

The Youth Philanthropy Contest received many tremendous project ideas. While we were only able to fund the eight winning projects, several individuals and groups stepped up to fund additional projects themselves.  We are grateful to these champions of philanthropy for their support.

  •  Mrs. Steinkamp’s AP Government Class – Wesley Center Blankets
  • The AP Government class will partner with Washington Elementary students to create blankets for the Wesley Center.
    • Funded by: Scott and Lori Williams, Paula Pflueger, Bob and Michelle Dudley, Bill and Mary Meyer, and Jim and Connie Kube.
    • Mentor:  The Morning Kiwanis



  • JOOI Alpha Club of the Meadows – Humane Society Dog Park
  • To help dogs at the Humane Society Shelter get the exercise they need, this group will build a dog park.
    • Funded by: Anonymous donor
    • Mentor: Northeast Nebraska Humane Society


  • Live Your Life in 3D – Healthy Living
  • This group will help promote healthy eating habits, fitness and wellness in youth in the Norfolk area.
    • Funded by: Dirk and Jan Petersen
    • Mentor: Tina Collison, Yoga Pilates Studio


  • Bel Air Y Kids Club – Rescue Mission Toys
  • This groups wants to help every child at the Norfolk Rescue Mission have toys to play with.
    • Funded by: Greg Moen
    • Mentor: Norfolk Family YMCA


  • The Helpers – The Mural Project
  • This group wants to bring beauty, art and people to our community.
    • Funded by: Christensen Brozek Faltys
    • Mentor: Norfolk Morning Optimists