• Impact – Senior Prom
    • In order to show how they respect and treasure their elders, this group will be hosting a prom for senior citizens in the Norfolk area.
    • Mentor: Norfolk Senior Center


June 2012 Update: The Senior Prom was held on June 22nd at the Norfolk Senior Center.  More than 100 people attended this fun event that featured dancing, live music, door prizes and lots of food.
Vicki Goeken, Director of the Norfolk Senior Center and Norfolk Public Transportation said, “We had over 100 people.  The kids really decorated, had lots of food, took photos of everyone, had door prizes and the music was great.  The kids really put a lot of work in it and it was so nice.  The seniors just loved it.  The kids danced with the seniors and they all had such a good time.  They made it a very special evening.  I can’t say enough good things about them.”