AP Government

Kathy Steinkamp’s AP Government Class had their Youth Philanthropy Project sponsored during the Celebrate Giving event in February.  Their mentor is the Morning Kiwanis group.  Their project was funded by Scott and Lori Williams, Paula Pflueger, Bob and Michelle Dudley, Bill and Mary Meyer, and Jim and Connie Kube.

AP Government Class & Washington Elementary Make Blankets for the Wesley Center

By Kathy Steinkamp

Twelve students from Mrs. Steinkamp’s Advanced Placement Government class helped tie 57 blankets with students at Washington Elementary on April 3.  The blankets are to be given to children at the Wesley Center.  The project came about when students applied for a Philanthropy Council grant.  The Morning Kiwanis then picked up the request for funds, helping students to accomplish their goal.  The high school students met on weekends and evenings to prepare the two-sided blankets for their younger counterparts to tie.  They had to match fabrics, cut the blanket tops and bottoms to size and then cut the 1″ slits in the sides.  They also prepared a slide show to teach the younger students about the importance of community service in a democratic-republic.  After tying the blankets, students retired to juice and cookies.  The challenge for the high school students was to prepare all materials to be learned and completed by elementary-age students. When they went to the school, they quickly discovered difficulties with using “big” words and to better assess student skills for such a project.  They quickly adapted to working with the children, successfully completing the project and having a great time with the younger students.  Special thanks to Morning Kiwanis and the Philanthropy Council for making this project possible.  Special thanks also to Mr. Boyer and the staff and students at Washington Elementary for rearranging the schedule and accommodating our crazy idea.  WE LOVE YOU, WASHINGTON!!!!

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