Oasis Counseling International

Mailing Address: 333 W. Norfolk Avenue, Suite 201, Norfolk, NE 68701

Email: mstortvedt@ocinternational.org

Phone: 402-379-2030

Fax: 402-379-3933

Director: Dr. Mark Stortvedt

Website: www.ocinternational.org

Mission: Oasis Counseling International exists to offer a safe place for weary travelers to pause, reflect and engage in psychological and spiritual healing facilitating restoration to their full God-designed potential and destiny.

What We Do: Oasis Counseling International offers mental health and in-home services in English or Spanish from either a Judeo-Christian perspective or a Cognitive-Behavioral Model depending on the client’s preference at intake. Oasis staff consists of a fully licensed psychiatrist and his RN, 3 psychologists, 12 therapists, and 7 trained in-home specialists. Assessments offered include psychological evaluations,  substance abuse and sex offender risk assessments, testing for autism and learning disabilities, and parenting assessments.  We offer home studies for foster care and adoption.  A dual
diagnosis intensive outpatient group is available for adolescents and intensive outpatient drug and alcohol groups for adults. Oasis also offers therapy for victims of domestic violence or child abuse, for batterers and those in need of anger management, for depression, child and adolescent behavior problems, sexual addiction, learning disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder and outpatient mental illness. Oasis also offers interactive, child-centered play therapy for children and in-home Family Support and Supervised Visitation Services. Oasis offers support in our Northeast Nebraska area through collaboration and volunteer building. In the past 7 years Oasis has been involved in a partnership with three other agencies to build capacity and develop services for community youth, has established a mentoring program which partners with area churches to mentor at-risk families and individuals, and has established learning communities between area therapists to boost skills in working with traumatized children.  Most recently Oasis has been involved with starting a new learning community to support new Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioners and Licensed Mental Health Practitioners with the skills of diagnosis, supervision and understanding common medications related to four target populations: children, adolescents, adults and geriatric clients.

Area Served:   Oasis serves a 22-county area with offices in Norfolk, O’Neill and Ainsworth. Of the population of 205,000 in service area, 25% are under the age of 18. 60% of clients meet the federally defined poverty level.

Our Wish List: Stain-proof furniture for waiting area, 2 sofas, plastic palm tree hut for children to play in while waiting for their session to begin. Furnish 2 play therapy rooms for children to express themselves through painting, clay, other mediums that would encourage the use of their gross motor skills. Includes: Protective wall and floor coverings for two 12 x 14 rooms, 4 smocks (2 for therapists and 2 for children), washable finger paints, paints and clay, etc. storage cabinets that lock to keep supplies in.  2 bug-in-the-ear stations so that the therapist can watch behind a one-way mirror as the parent plays with their child and suggest how to pick up on their child’s cues more quickly and encourage the child into more meaningful play.

Number of Staff: 35

Number of Regular Volunteers: 42

Year Established: 1991

How We Are Governed: The organization is governed by a Board of Directors and a Management Team. The 7 Board members are appointed to 4-year terms.